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We are an Executive Advisory Consultancy working with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers.

No Program To Purchase, No Test To Define You, Just Effective Results Using The Most Powerful Tool Available… You!

Often referred to as the Navigation Coach™, Martha collaborates with her clients to identify and navigate obstacles and opportunities. 

More clarity of perspective.
Increasing your value. 

A more profitable and fulfilling life.

Martha’s eclectic coaching style is refreshing and highly effective. It starts with a simple conversation that lays the foundation for a powerful, yet comfortable, collaborative partnership between coach and client.

Look around and see what resonates with you, then let’s schedule a call and we can get acquainted.

Tell me your story, where you are now, how you got there, where you want to go.

Let’s have a conversation.

Howard A. Lim
President of HOW Creative

Martha Veon, Founder at MVM Coaching US did a fantastic job critiquing my Authentic Branding® workbook by revising and condensing material to remain concise, clear, and to the point within a specific timeframe. She edited my verbiage content, trued up paragraphs, and positioning my delivery to have a full impact while presenting. The results were a polish presentation and workbook that offer tremendous value to my audience. Thank you, Martha, for all your professional support.

Carolyn Boatman
Proprietor - The Country Lodge - Kentucky

Martha is focused on mentoring her clients to perfection. She has a wonderful ability to hear challenges that sometimes you cannot hear or see yourself. She is thorough in restructuring pricing, product offering and all around operation programming that meet the needs of your customers and your business. She helps you identify your needs and accomplish your goals. She instilled in me confidence that I so appreciate. I look forward to her coaching expertise in the future.

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Solomon Roller
Musical Performance Artist, Writer, Speaker - Wisconsin

When I first started working with Martha, before anything else, she came up to where I lived and took the time over three days to get to know me. Not just Solomon as the artist or Solomon as the performer, but Solomon as the person behind the stage. She took the time to get to know why I do what I do and to hear my story. If anything, she is a master at networking that she is able to personally orient for me. Since she took the time to know who I truly am and all that comes with me, she can speak on behalf of my talent and my character when speaking with folks in a way that comes off very authentic.

For a long time, I took my journey into my own hands. I trained myself, taught myself, networked for myself, and actually did a pretty good job at it. But I finally had reached a point where I couldn’t get further without some else’s guidance. Martha was able to cater to my needs by doing research and reaching out to the right people who could help me and also were people that I would like in general. One of them was a vocal coach which has helped me expand immensely. Another was a professional drummer who ran an organization for building on talented kids that I was able to meet and work with. She also is a careful and effective critic of my work. She has years of dance training and is able to tell me about what I’m doing right both technically and performative while also telling me what I should expand on. It has helped my growth as a dancer immensely. She also helped me a large amount through vocal critique before I got my vocal coach, but she still helps me with critique. She can break down the things that actually make my art special and not just generic blanket terms about how “good” something is. What most would have trouble explaining, she can pinpoint exactly why something is the way it is.

I think what Martha brings to the table different from others is a personalized marketing strategy. She knows her stuff, but tries to understand the endeavors and the story of the client she works with. With that information, she can move forward knowing she has the client’s best interests in every task she conducts. She brings aspects from so many different tables including marketing, networking, critiquing, personalized research (based on client), and a genuine understanding of the client’s journey. Her organization is very well conducted and she is consistent and hard working. There’s never been a moment where I question her grit or discipline. She stays on top of everything and is always looking to the possibilities of the future while setting you up in the present to make those things happen.

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Mackenzie Thomas - Executive
Director - LOUD (Living Out Ur Dreams) - South Carolina

Martha is an exception in the world of coaching and mentoring. She is not selling a formula or program instead, gets to know her clients individual needs then sets a path to bring out the navigation tools that are already inside of you. In a world where confidence is everything, Martha is the calm voice that is able to talk you down off the ledge and get you moving in a direction that produces positive business results. I look forward to working with you on my next great adventure.

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Shelly Moreau
Copywriting Services - Quebec

Martha, I can’t thank you enough for your calm wisdom and guidance. You talked me off the ledge – so to speak – as I was panicking about having to pick up the phone to talk to a new prospect (GASP). Your tips helped me to analyze the situation, put things into perspective and diffuse anxiety about establishing an initial connection with this (stranger) prospect. Finally, you reminded me that this is all information I know backward and forward. That alone helped to build added confidence.

Remember my fear of getting up in front of people? Well, I even sang at my recent 25th anniversary party. Martha, I just conquered one of my biggest fears – being in front of people to sing (let alone talk). Thanks again!

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Alex Knowles and Dr. Matteel Jones, PhD
IUWE Fitness - North Carolina

Martha Veon is a phenomenal coach. Innovative, current and knowledgeable, she provided direction in ways that have completely altered the trajectory of our business model, use of professional tools and long-term goals. Her collaborative and engaging coaching style allows for great clarity and focus, and we are in a better position to thrive as a result of her invaluable input! Without hesitation, we highly recommend Martha Veon to anyone who desires a fresh, results-driven perspective on nearly every aspect of your business and executive development efforts.

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Robin Dada
Entrepreneur - United Arab Emirates

It was great to work with Martha in thinking through where I wanted to go in my transition from a long-term job in my past and the options available for the future. Her thoughtful questions helped me clarify things I'd like to change and experience, seeing the road ahead as an opportunity to experience new things. The reflective discussions made it possible to reinvent the pathway I'd taken for granted and negotiate a more purposeful future.