Public Image Matters

Public image has a strong impact on our personal and professional lives. It can determine the reputation of you and your company, it can impact your brand, brand position and earnings. 

To make sure that impact is positive, the public’s perception of you and your company should reflect who you are and the values that guide you. The public’s perception of your company should clearly reflect the company’s mission statement. 

One way to do this is to build a strategic partnership with stellar non-profit organizations serving in your target market.

This is an opportunity to give back to the communities that support your company. It’s an opportunity to develop stronger relationships with your customer/client base while producing a win-win outcome. 

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a major corporation, there are numerous ways to offer a positive contribution to your market and society through philanthropic endeavors, all the while solidifying a positive public image, growing your brand and your earnings. 

Below is a list of just a few things nonprofits seek strategic partners for:
● Monetary, in-kind and name sponsors for fundraiser events.
● Underwriters for fundraising events.
● Volunteers to raise funds. (always needed) 
● Free ads, ad space and/or air time.
● Volunteers to set up and/or staff fundraiser events. 
● Food donations and/or beverages for the volunteer staff setting up and working charity events. 
● Volunteers to chair an event committee.
● Auctions of all types are a top choice for annual fundraisers by non profits; they often need lots of auction items donated and lots of bidders attending the event. You, or your company, can purchase a table and/or be an annual donor. 
● Volunteers who give their time weekly, monthly or annually in whatever capacity they can. 
● Serving as a board member. 
● Serving as a board advisor. 

Want to learn more about the value philanthropy brings to your company? Read “Strategic Philanthropy: Accountability Builds Authenticity” by renowned Business and Brand Architect™ Howard A. Lim – President of HOW Creative.

Everything is not always as it seems

Recently, I woke up to my husband calling my name with a foreboding tone in his voice.
“Martha, a large limb from our oak tree fell on the passenger side of your car.”

The new car that I purchased the day before! With a knot forming in the pit of my stomach, I opened the front door to see for myself. He wasn’t joking. A huge limb had landed right against my brand new car. The knot tightened as my mind raced ahead with thoughts of body damage, insurance premiums climbing higher and I wasn’t even driving it! The knot in my stomach just kept growing tighter.

Slowly, I walked out to see how badly the car was damaged.
After taking the time to assess it from every angle, I was able to put the situation in perspective and gain clarity. There was no damage to my new car and no rising insurance premiums. That anxious feeling the “what if..” scenario had created quickly faded away.

Often we only see some aspects of a difficult situation in both our personal, and professional lives. Next we race off to the “what if..” scenario. That feeling of gloom or doom rushes in creating unnecessary anxiety, clouding our perception, diminishing our ability to navigate it.  

Instead, let’s stay in the moment, take a breath, then assess the situation from every angle. This will help put things in perspective giving us the clarity we need to navigate the situation more effectively.

Enjoy your day,