We are an Executive Advisory Consultancy working with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers.
No Program To Purchase, No Test To Define You, Just Effective Results Using The Most Powerful Tool Available… You!

Martha Veon

Often referred to as the Navigation Coach™, Martha collaborates with her clients to identify and navigate obstacles and opportunities.

Martha’s eclectic coaching style is refreshing and highly effective. It starts with a simple conversation that lays the foundation for a powerful, yet comfortable, collaborative partnership between coach and client.

Tell me your story, where you are now, how you got there, where you want to go.

Let’s have a conversation.

Career Navigation

We will collaborate to identify and navigate obstacles and opportunities, gaining more clarity of perspective while increasing your value using the most powerful tool available…YOU.

Company Culture

When your team is out of sync your company is thrown off course losing valuable productive hours, creating a negative impact on revenue and earnings. We will collaborate to bring your team back in sync, sustaining a steady course towards growth and profitability.

Skill set Development

Need room to grow? Not sure how to move forward.

Public Image

Now, more than ever, public image matters. Public perception has a strong impact on our personal and professional lives. It will determine the reputation of you and your company, shape your brand, and have an impact on revenue and earnings. To make sure that impact is positive, your public image should reflect the values of you and your company.


If you’re a writer, speaker or entertainer you know that often the smallest detail can be the difference between excellence and mediocrity. Often, we pay close attention to the larger details, dismissing the small ones as insignificant when in fact, the small details can be pivotal. Working with a seasoned critiquer throughout the creative process can accelerate your career growth taking you to the next level of marketability.